Exes Scholarship Guest Speaker Ruben Flores

posted Jul 16, 2013, 9:48 AM by raul bermudez



Ruben Flores graduated in 1957 from San Felipe High School.  He served in the United States Marine Corp from 1957 to 1960.

          He attended San Antonio College, St. Mary’s University and Occidental College.  He as a BA in International Relations, Political Science and a Master’s in Urban Studies.

          He returned to his Alma Mater, San Felipe High School to teach American History and Civics.  He was basketball coach and assistant coach of the baseball team.  During the basketball season, the San Felipe Mustangs were co-district basketball Champions with Devine, it had not been done in ten years.

          In 1968-1971 he was the first Mexican American City Councilman and the youngest at the time to serve in this capacity.

          In 1971 he was Nationalist Finalist in the White House Fellows Program.  In a 4 state region 15 persons were invited to meet in Dallas, Texas, he was one of the three to make the Finalist out of the 4 state region.  He was one of thirty two to make it to the national level it was narrowed to the top 15.  What was interesting about this was that he was the only one with a B.A. degree, compared to the other finalist with PHDs and Masters Degrees.

          Mr. Flores has served 25 years as a Dean for the Alamo Community College District (Alamo College District).  It consists of 5 colleges; S.A. College, St. Philips, Palo Alto, N.W. Vista and N.E. Lakeview.

          As Dean, he started 7 programs specifically to recruit, to attract and facilitate the transition of non-traditional low income high school students to college.  He initiated the Senior Summer Program for 4 inner city schools, 200 students were recruited with low B, C, and D.

          He also initiated Mentoring Programs for 4 high schools, students would go back to their schools as mentors and mentor students to graduate from high school and go to college.

          He organized “Consejos,” parental groups in the community to get them involve in the educational process of the students.

          “Promoto de educación” is another parental group involving people from the community to help enable parents to get involve in the educational process of students. 

          Dual Credit Weekend, where freshman and sophomores  get two college credit courses during the year.  This was done with two grants of a million dollars each to establish programs at two inner city high schools to prepare students during the four years academically for college.

          Another program was the Leadership Program; staff members would meet one Saturday a month to teach students how to become leaders in their schools and community.

          On a final note, Ruben and Acenete’s  son, Dr. Ruben Michael Flores was named President of Palo Alto College at the age of 42, he is considered the youngest President at a community college level.

          This is a brief summary about our guest speaker tonight; it’s a pleasure and an honor to introduce Mr. Ruben Flores.